Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Silly Sally Visits Vista Del Mar!


Silly Sally's had the opportunity to visit Vista Del Mar, a school for children with special needs. Vista School offers youngsters from kindergarten through 12th grade a specialized learning environment that can help these students achieve. Vista Del Mar provides children identified with Autism, Aspergers and other learning disabilities or developmental challenges, as well as those experiencing social problems, emotional problems, behavior problems or other mental health issues, with classes that can meet their special needs while encouraging them to grow emotionally and academically. Vista Del Mar also provides children with shelter and works with foster parents.

Silly Sally's had so much fun performing out on the playground and doing facepainting for all the fantastic kids. The Silly Magic show wouldn't have been possibly without the help of the children. The kids felt so accompished when they got to personally help with the tricks. They absolutely beamed when they used their own unique magic to perform and entertain their peers. Not only did the children have so much fun, but after the show they felt empowered, like they could do anything.

Visiting this school was a very unique experience and it was very heart warming to see all of the children's faces light up with the biggest smiles. It was one of the most rewarding experience Silly Sally's has had this past year.