Saturday, May 28, 2011

What's Big, Red and Fuzzy all over?!

Hi Friends!

Oh, what a superb idea! The wonderful Parent's of Birthday Girl Michaela and big Birthday Boy Gabriel recently invited our big red fuzzy guy to join in all the fun! And our parties were brought to you by the number 2! That's right, the celebrations were grand!

And Parents, if you are looking for an amazing Photographer, check out our friend Miss Maggie Storm, who owns and operates "Taken By Storm" Photography. On top of getting all the right shots, she's very involved and lights up the scene with her smile.

We highly recommend:

As always, we love and adore you all!

Hasta pasta,

~Silly Sally & Family

Thursday, May 19, 2011

psst...pass it on...Silly Sally eats Bubble Pie for Breakfast!

Jack: Would you like some Egyptian Pie?
Jill: What's Egyptian pie?
Jack: You know, the kind mummy used to make.

THAT REMINDS ME! We ate Bubble Pie recently at Pincrest School for Scholars! Our first ever pie came out GREAT...A little runny though, I don't think it was cooked all the way but oh well, the audience was happy and they were so nice, too! They let us eat the pie right in front of them!
How polite they were! :)

Silly Sally's Bubble-liciously extra super dooper fun-tastic clap-happy round and wet smiley Bubble show is sure to make eyes POP! and hands CLAP! Everyone loves it, and that makes our Super Silly Hearts Soar!

Hope to see you soon!


Silly Sally & The Silly Team