Thursday, December 15, 2011

Moms, are you looking for face painting ideas?

Over the years, many people have asked what kind of face paints we use. Are they safe for children? Of course they are! We purchase only the best, non-toxic, water-based paints. We use brands such as, Paradise, Snazaroo, Wolfe Brothers, and Mehron. We know that it is also important to buy quality brushes and sponges, and clean them frequently. In all of my years of face painting, I feel very fortunate to never have had a complaint of allergy or any other related issue. When Silly Sally's does face painting, we like to paint a lot of pictures that challenge our creativity. We often use books showing designs from world-renowned face painters as inspiration.

Having taken many classes, our skills have become pretty impressive. From fantastic lions and cats to beautiful butterflies and princesses, the intricate detail makes each individual face a work of art. The result may look like something you would see in a beautiful painting, but you would be amazed how quickly we can paint twenty-five, smiling faces. However, we never compromise quality for quantity. In most cases, cheek art can be painted in just one minute. For fancier designs, it may take two to three minutes per face. We have a really great rainbow palette and with the use of a sponge, we are able to create a cool array of colors with only one stroke.

Face painting is not just for children. Typically, moms will request their faces to be painted as well. At a recent party, I painted an array of flowers over a mom's eye to match her dress. Just last weekend, I painted a favorite football symbol on the top of a bald daddy's head. Even at the police department's holiday party, several officers got their faces painted. If you are interested in learning more about face painting, you may contact us for a private tutorial. You may also contact us for some product information. We offer insturctions for both parents and children through Silly University.

'Tis the Season to be Silly!

Silly Sally's performed for at-risk children at the Friar's Club. They were invited to party for the holiday season. Santa Claus and our whole silly team were there sharing smiles and laughter. We made balloon designs and hats in the shapes of Christmas trees, candy canes, snowmen, and reindeer. It sure is fun to bring good cheer to all those little children. If you know any children in need during this holiday season, please do not hesitate to call us to create some holiday magic.

Friday, September 9, 2011


Silly Sally's Entertainment will do face painting for TELEMUNDO biggest event of the year LA FERIA DE LA FAMILIA

Check it out at


LIFE IS GOOD company is hosting a festival to benefit children....
on Saturday and Sunday, September 24 and 25!
Silly Sallys will be performing a family friendly comedy show for kids of all ages on stage in the Chillin area. Other kid entertainers include

Check it out at

Saturday, May 28, 2011

What's Big, Red and Fuzzy all over?!

Hi Friends!

Oh, what a superb idea! The wonderful Parent's of Birthday Girl Michaela and big Birthday Boy Gabriel recently invited our big red fuzzy guy to join in all the fun! And our parties were brought to you by the number 2! That's right, the celebrations were grand!

And Parents, if you are looking for an amazing Photographer, check out our friend Miss Maggie Storm, who owns and operates "Taken By Storm" Photography. On top of getting all the right shots, she's very involved and lights up the scene with her smile.

We highly recommend:

As always, we love and adore you all!

Hasta pasta,

~Silly Sally & Family

Thursday, May 19, 2011

psst...pass it on...Silly Sally eats Bubble Pie for Breakfast!

Jack: Would you like some Egyptian Pie?
Jill: What's Egyptian pie?
Jack: You know, the kind mummy used to make.

THAT REMINDS ME! We ate Bubble Pie recently at Pincrest School for Scholars! Our first ever pie came out GREAT...A little runny though, I don't think it was cooked all the way but oh well, the audience was happy and they were so nice, too! They let us eat the pie right in front of them!
How polite they were! :)

Silly Sally's Bubble-liciously extra super dooper fun-tastic clap-happy round and wet smiley Bubble show is sure to make eyes POP! and hands CLAP! Everyone loves it, and that makes our Super Silly Hearts Soar!

Hope to see you soon!


Silly Sally & The Silly Team

Thursday, March 31, 2011


April in Sillyville means new and exciting adventures. Silly Amy will be coming to the Westside Pavillion Mall starting April 12th 11:30-12:30 for story time and then the second tuesday of every month (May 10th and June 14th ). This is no ordinary storytime, there will be bubbles, drums and more!! Some of our stories we will be performing are Silly Sally walks Upside Down Backwards, The Rainbow Fish...told with puppets and bubbles, and Napping told through music. Come check us out! Also Silly Sally's has expanded East....Boston and New York!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Circus is Coming to Boston!

Hello there Boys and Girls of all ages,

Did you hear that the circus is coming! Clowns like us ADORE the circus and we are so excited! Did you know that Grandma Clown is a distant relative of Silly Sally? She is Silly Sallys brother's cousin's uncle's step-aunt's half sister. You should see the whole family get in SillySallys little red car when driving to Grandma Clowns house over the river and through the elephants!

Big Apple Circus: Dance On! Boston Dates and Time from Boston Central
Big Apple Circus: Dance On!
City Hall Plaza, Boston, MA
Phone: (888) 541-3750
Dates: Saturday, April 2, 2011 - Sunday, May 15, 2011
Hours: The performance is 2 hours and 15 minutes long, including a 15-minute intermission.
Ages: Toddlers, Kids, Teens, Adults
In/Outdoor: Indoor

Great Family Photographer

Hello Silly Families!

If you are looking for a great family photographer, please check out
Look under his featured entertainers and find Silly Sally the clown.

Scott is not only a professional photographer and produces great work, he is wonderful with kids and doggies! So, moms and dads, take a look at what he did with these new clown photos for Silly Sally.

Stay Silly!