Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Unwrapping happiness

Gift-wrapping is my guilty pleasure. It makes me truly satisfied when I can look at the completed product and say to myself, "I finally mastered that folding of paper", even though I've probably messed up more times than it's worth. But at least, the presentation is suitable for the special occasion and not wrapped up carelessly. It's about the time and effort to showing to the special person that you did take the time and thought into their package. Thus, I'd like to share with you a few of my interesting favorite gift-wrapping ideas.

Lego gift-wrapping(tutorial on how to create this block here)
This is perfect for the young builders or even the older kids. Who wouldn't want to have life size Lego block gift-wrapped presents!? Then again, if you see a pile of these, would you not open it? I'd personally be really tempted to build a fort myself using multiple of theses Lego blocks.

Make your own Burger gift wrap
Whether you are a vegetarian or a meat lover, you can always enjoy a tasty looking burger wrapping options. Kids will love to make different combinations of double deckers to making lettuce sandwiches. You can purchase this giftwrapping at Gift Couture.

Cut out Wrapping
Make the love of your life smile.  The wrapping paper is screaming, "Pick me up. I'm going to make your heart melt if it hasn't already". I would want this on my anniversary, birthday, Valentine's Day, etc. Come on, it's so clever who wouldn't?

If you are lazy or saving money not purchasing gift-wrapping paper,  you can even have your young one color on a large sheet of paper then use it as gift wrapping for relatives. It will connect the whole family together!

I love how gift-wrapping can fit the age of the receiver to the dedication of them as well. Gift-wrapping could be simple to complex designs. It's intriguing to look at them. On Pinterest, I shall be pinning more gift-wrapping ideas for those who need inspiration for their gifts. Feel free to check it out!

Spring is almost here!

Winter has been going on for so long now! Here at the Silly team, we've been hoping for Spring! We really want to work our silly magic outdoors and get some fresh air for the upcoming season. The Silly team needs to get their goofy legs stretched out while walking our balloon pets to the park to smell the blossoming flowers. We look forward to all the outdoor gigs this Spring and Summer.  We are also hoping we see similar faces too! What are you hoping to do this Spring?