Monday, June 28, 2010

Super Mario Brothers

At Silly Sally’s we are really excited about our upcoming Super Mario Brothers Birthday Party. We are offering food, entertainment, party favors, and décor that are all inspired by the Super Mario Brothers!
The meal will include choices like Princess Peach Pasta, Super Leaf Salads, Wario Watermelon Slices, Piranha Plant Pizza, Super Mushroom Cupcakes, and Luigi Lemonade. For entertainment the kids will play a series of Super Mario games along with our Super Mario entertainers-Mario, Luigi, and Princess Peach. To make the party look Super Mario Brothers themed, Silly Sally’s will decorate the tables with Piranha Plant centerpieces, cover the walls in hand made décor and happy birthday banners, and place balloon bunches throughout the venue. After the party, the children will be given party favors such as Mario Brothers hats, Mario mustaches, and white gloves.
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